Acredited or Recognized Engineering Program

Recognition of Local Engineering Degrees

To meet the academic qualification requirement for admission to the APEC Engineer Register Peru, the engineer should graduate from an appropriate engineering degree program fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Be housed in a degree-granting institution recognized by the National Superintendence of University Education SUNEDU. SUNEDU is a specialized-technical government institution responsible for licensing university programs, supervising the quality of education offered by university programs, and administering the national register of university degrees and professional titles. SUNEDU formulates the general policies and guidelines for the establishment and operation of university programs with specific provisions covering the authorization, mission statement, administration, faculty, instructional standards, infrastructure, laboratory facilities, library, and admission and graduation requirements.
  • Be accredited by an APEC economy accreditation body holding signatory or provisional status at the Washington Accord. ABET (signatory of the Washington Accord) and ICACIT (at present holding provisional status at the Washington Accord) are two accreditation bodies that have accredited several engineering programs in Peruvian universities. ICACIT, The Institute for Quality and Accreditation of Computing, Engineering and Engineering Technology Programs, is a Peruvian institution with accreditation criteria and procedures similar to those of ABET with whom has a Memorandum of Understanding.

Recognition of Foreign Engineering Degrees

Applicants who obtained an engineering degree from a foreign university should obtain the revalidation or recognition of the engineering degree by the corresponding national entity: revalidation is awarded by the National Superintendence of University Education SUNEDU and recognition is awarded by an authorized Peruvian university granting equivalent degrees.

Alternative Assessment Mechanisms for Engineering Education

For admission to the APEC Engineer Register Peru, there are not alternatives to the academic standards prescribed in previous Sections

Assessment Sheet of Accredited or Recognized Engineering Programs.