APEC Engineer

An APEC Engineer is defined as a person who is recognized as a professional engineer within an APEC economy, and who has satisfied an authorized body in that economy operating in accordance with the criteria and procedures approved by the APEC Engineer Coordinating Committee.

APEC Engineers have the opportunity to have their professional standing recognized within the APEC region thereby contributing to the mobility of engineers and to the globalization of professional engineering services.


  • Recognition of the substantial equivalence of the professional competences of engineers within the APEC region.
  • Engineers mobility for practicing engineering in a country within the APEC region.
  • Engineering globalization and technology transfer.
  • Development and dissemination of common standards and good practices in engineering.
  • Better use of technology and resources.
  • Overcome the imbalances in supply and demand of engineers in the APEC region.
  • Establishment of cooperative networks among engineering organizations in the region.