Compliance with Code of Conduct

Professional engineers are obligated to comply with and be bound by the Code of Ethics of the Peruvian Engineers Association and by the code of any jurisdiction within which they are practicing. The Code of Ethics of the Peruvian Engineers Association includes requirements on the importance and priority of health, safety and community welfare, on the practice of engineering within the area of expertise, on the respect for the work of colleagues, among other requirements.

The Peruvian Engineers Association has National and Regional Tribunal of Ethics in charge of assessing the ethical behavior of licensed engineers and imposing sanctions on engineers that do not comply with the ethics code. The Peruvian Engineers Association also maintains a record of engineers who had violated the code of ethics and the sanctions received.

For admission to the APEC Engineer Register Peru, applicants should submit a sworn statement of compliance with applicable professional codes. The Monitoring Committee shall attest the compliance of applicants to the code of ethics in the assessment process. Suspension or revocation of the engineer license constitutes just cause for removal from the APEC Engineer Register Peru.

Swearing Statement of Commitment for APEC Engineer Register