Continuing Professional Development

Continuous development and enhancement of professional competences and skills is very important for engineers in order to keep themselves updated and effective in a competitive and continuously changing engineering world. Engineers have the responsibility to take proper actions and commitments to maintain their competences and competitiveness throughout their professional lives, striving to advance the knowledge within which they practice and seeking continuous professional development.

The evidences or proofs the applicant must submit for assessment and evaluation of the continuing professional development shall include the following items:

  • Participation in relevant specialization courses; or
  • Attendance at university courses; or
  • Attendance at workshops, seminar, conferences and congresses; or
  • Specialized certifications; or
  • Preparation and publication of technical papers; or
  • Overcome the imbalances in supply and demand of engineers in the APEC region.
  • Active membership and participation in technical and professional societies.

The applicant should show that the average annual time dedicated to professional and specialization updating in the last three years is equivalent to 50 hours per year.

Assessment Sheet of Continuing Professional Development