Ten Years of professional experience

Candidates must demonstrate a record of ten years of professional experience in fields of engineering in which the applicant claims expertise. The ten years professional experience are counted since obtaining the professional engineering title with at least four years counted after obtaining the licensing by the Peruvian Engineers Association. The experience must demonstrate the applicant has engaged in professional practice exercising engineering knowledge and skills as well as engineering criteria and judgment.

The documentation requirements shall be in accordance with the APEC Engineer Manual. The evidences or proofs the applicant must submit for assessment and evaluation of the professional experience must include the following items:

  • Description of the specific engineering program or project the applicant has participated in
  • Description of the applicant engineering work, specific duties and responsibilities in each project or program
  • Size of the project or program in terms of budget and people involved
  • Dates of applicant engagement and participation in the project or program
  • Samples of the applicant own technical outputs produced during his/her involvement in the program or project
  • Name and contact address of direct supervisor in the program or project
  • Expression of satisfaction or appreciation for the work done stated by the supervisor or stakeholder involved in the program or project

Assessment Sheet of Ten Years of Practical Experience.